Appeal to consequences

That can’t be true, because I don’t like it.

The author points to the unpleasant consequences of supporting a particular view in order to prove it wrong.

The theory of evolution can’t be true. If it were, we wouldn’t be better than monkeys or apes.
You must believe in God, otherwise life would be meaningless. (Maybe that is true, although the opposite could also be true: since life lacks meaning, God doesn’t exist.).
If you speak badly about JJ be aware of the consequences, since JJ is my friend, do you get that, pal?

To refute it
Identify the consequences and claim that, as much as we may want something to be true, it isn’t necessarily.

Whenever the source is not referenced, both definitions and examples have been extracted from a translation of Jaime Wilson based on Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies. Copyright 1995-1998 Stephen Downes. Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

These texts have been modified by Miguel A. Lerma and now by us to adapt them -and those taken from Wikipedia- to our format.