This project has multiple authors: all the people invited to cooperate in its construction participated to a greater or lesser degree. We want to thank ARP-Sociedad para el Avance del Pensamiento Crítico (ARP-SAPC), whose board and members were directly involved in the project, as well as its associates and readers of the skeptic’s list whose direct help was much appreciated. Also, we want to thank Juan Soler -commander-in-chief of Barcelona’s skepticism- who coordinated this project, Guillermo Hernández for the technical know-how supervision and David Revilla for the creation of the cartoons.

Also, we want to express our sincere thanks to everybody involved in the documentary part which defined this project. We especially want to thank to Rubén Villoria, René Mérou, Manuel Cima García, Victoria Barreno, Inés, Evita Menéndez, Arrikitown De la Fua, Mina García, David Gil De Gómez y Paco Gaspar for their work on the english translation.

You are still invited to collaborate. New ways to describe a fallacy would be welcome, both in text and graphics. If you want to suggest, comment or criticise something, use the comment box below.

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